About FedPro

FedPro is a leading provider of GSA Schedule contract negotiation and administration services for vendors who sell commercial products or services to the US Government or other authorized Schedule users.


In the past, large companies kept an expensive federal marketing staff of their own to manage GSA Schedule contracts. Now, many of them have joined small businesses in outsourcing that function to companies like FedPro. By doing so, they have the benefit of a dedicated GSA contracting expert as part of a much-less-costly virtual staff.


FedPro can: 1) help you select the best GSA Schedule classification for your products or services; 2) help set the objectives for negotiating the discounts and terms of your GSA contract; 3) draft and submit your offer to GSA; 4) act as your primary point-of-contact for communications and negotiations with GSA; 5) produce GSA Advantage electronic catalogs and paper GSA price lists; 6) do contract start-up training; 7) provide ongoing contract administration.


In some instances where contracts were in danger of cancelation, FedPro successfully appealed for continuation. While the final decision is up to the GSA contracting officer, a well stated case for letting a contract remain in effect can often rescue a contract that would otherwise be terminated.