Full Service Program

Phase One - Preparation & Offer Submission
  • Help you choose the proper GSA Schedule for your products
  • Help you gather the required information and documentation.
  • Draft, explain, and discuss your offer using net-based collaboration
Phase Two - From Submission to Award
  • Act as your primary point-of-contact for communications with GSA
  • In calls, letters, email, or meetings, initiate contact, respond to GSA requests, and exert our best efforts to secure a contract for you
  • Prepare an advance draft of your paper Schedule Price List (catalog)
  • Prepare an electronic catalog for uploading to GSA Advantage!
Phase Three - Contract Implementation
  • Provide an award announcement for immediate release
  • Upload your electronic catalog to GSA Advantage!
  • Print and mail your paper catalog, or provide a press-ready file to you
  • Inform you of performance requirements and compliance issues
Phase Four - As Needed Contract Support
  • Continue in contact with GSA Contracing Officers
  • Draft and submit modification requests
  • Update paper Schedule Price Lists with additions, deletions and price changes
  • Update GSA Advantage! and DOD EMall electronic catalogs
  • Use a custom database to track changes and create price tables for contracts with thousands of line items

Myth: Regulations require GSA customers to buy the lowest priced item or service that will fill their needs.


Fact: In most instances, GSA customers are instructed to make their source selection using the “best value” method, which includes price, performance and other aspects of the value received by the GSA customer.