Getting On Board

Find the Best Classification(s)

Go to the GSA eLibrary

  • enter search term(s) to find your product or service
  • check Special Item Number (SIN) descriptions for the best matches

Consider -


If the SINs that are best matches are all listed on the same Schedule, it is likely that just one contract will be required. If those SINs are divided among two or more Schedules, multiple contracts will be required.


In the eLibrary, click on the Special Item Number (SIN) to see if others in your industry are listed. If there is more than one SIN that describes your product, you will want to be under the one where your most direct competitors are because buyers are probably in the habit of looking there.

Download and Study the Solicitation

Go to the GSA eLibrary

  • enter search term(s) to find your product or service
  • click on the Schedule number (in the first column, under "Source")
  • click on the "Vendors Click here....FedBizOpps" link

You can download all all files or open them from the FedBizOpps site. "Read Me First" contains useful information; "Solicitation" contains all of the clauses except those incorporated by reference; "Vendor Response Document" contains spaces for the required fill-ins.

Research Competitor's GSA Sales

Go to

  • click "Create Report", "Proceed"
  • choose from eleven types of reports
Research Competitor's Contracts

Go to the GSA eLibrary

  • enter competitor's company name, look for those listed as "Contractor"
  • click on contractor name to open that company's eLibrary listing
  • see contractor profile on this page and use links to access other information

Click on the icon below "Contract Terms & Conditions" to see the terms as published to GSA customers.


Click on the logo below "View Items Available" to see those of this vendor's items that are listed GSA Advantage for that SIN.

Develop a Plan for Federal Marketing
  • Determine who and where the likely customers are
  • Plan the methods of marketing, delivery and support of Federal customers
  • Project anticipated income, expenses and cash flow
...And a Negotiating Strategy to Match
  • Set goals for negotiated terms and discounts
  • Fully disclose pricing, discounts, terms and exceptions for all customers
  • State the agreed-upon discounts and terms in the Final Proposal Revision
Have FedPro Draft Your Offer or...

Draft your own and have us review it.

Myth: Once you have a GSA contract, any sale to a non-GSA customer at lower than the GSA price triggers a reduction in the GSA price.


Fact: Prior to award, GSA and the contractor agree on a designated price reduction tracking customer, customers or customer type and a stated relationship between them and GSA customers. Any reduction or new concession given to any designated customer triggers a proportionate GSA price reduction. Reductions to other customers do not trigger GSA price reductions, but the benefit of this exclusion is lost if GSA designates “all commercial customers” in the award.  For suggested ways to avoid this, starting with the way your offer documents are structured, email