Individual Services

GSA Advantage Electronic Catalog

We will be glad to create or update your GSA Advantage electronic catalog. In most instances, accomplish this using the Schedules Input Program and the SIP Import utility. For catalogs with thousands of items subject to frequent changes, we use a custom database.

Marketing Support

With our federal sales and sales management experience, we will be glad to help you find the best way to promote or sell your products or services to Federal agencies.

Offer Preparation

We will be glad to draft your offer with you acting as the point of contact for contract negotiations, and to provide follow-up advice and support in responding to questions or requests from the GSA Contracting Officer.

Offer Preparation Plus Representation

We will be glad to draft your offer and act as your company’s point of contact for contract negotiations. At your option and direction, we will provide those services listed in Phases One and Two.

Proposal Review

We will be glad to review your proposal before you submit it. We will comment on compliance with GSA’s requirements, disclosure of commercial discounts and terms, and the fit of the Most Favored Customer / GSA Discount with Price Reductions clause requirements.

Update or Correct Disclosures

When significant changes in pricing, terms or customer types have occurred, initial disclosures were incomplete or GSA prices prove to be too low, we will be glad to help you request and negotiate for a remedy.

Myth: If you sell an item or service that is on your contract to one GSA customer at lower than your GSA price, you have to give that lower price to all GSA customers.


Fact: That used to be the rule, but was changed several years ago. Now, there is no penalty if you grant lower pricing to any GSA customer, either on a single order or on multiple orders over a period of time. This ability allows vendors to quote order-by-order in response to Requests for Quotations (RFQs) posted on the GSA eBuy web site.